Much-loved Calvert Stables pony Queenie gives birth to beautiful bay filly foal

Calvert Stables’ much-loved ride and drive pony Queenie has given birth to a beautiful bay filly foal.

“This is the first time one of our ponies has given birth,” said Henri Carew, Stables Manager at Calvert Stables. “Queenie, unbeknown to us, was in foal last September when we brought her to the stables. As we noticed Queenie getting larger, we took her to the vets and they confirmed our suspicions. We moved Queenie out of the stables for her maternity leave and she’s now given birth to a beautiful bay filly foal.

“After being checked by the vet, Queenie and her foal have received a clean bill of health.  Although it was a surprise and not planned, we are all absolutely thrilled that mare and foal are doing so well.  They’re now being expertly looked after by our equine adviser, Penny.”

Concluded Henri:

“Now it’s time to come up with a name and we’re asking everyone to visit our Facebook page and let us know their thoughts.”

14-year-old Queenie will be back at Calvert in around 6-months-time when she will be reunited with the other 8 ponies at the stables.   In the meantime, latest updates on her and her foal’s progress will also be posted on Facebook.