Calvert Lakes’ Virtual Accessible Site Tour

Take a virtual visit around the Calvert Lakes site using the aerial map below. See how each of our spaces can be accessed by ramps and lifts.

Click on any light blue pin to see a short film clip on how to access the space from Reception (Pin 9). You’ll find door widths, lift dimensions and gradients pop up throughout to help you plan your visit. 

The dark blue pins show locations only and have no links to movies.

Map Key

  1. Swimming Pool
  2. Sensory Room
  3. Dining Room
  4. Garden
  5. Farmhouse Bedroom
  6. Public Bathroom
  7. Library
  8. Bushcraft Shelter
  9. Reception (no film clip)
  10. Games Room & Conservatory
  11. Upper Byre Bedrooms
  12. Car Park (no film clip)
  13. Laundry
  14. Kit Store
  15. Sports Hall

The Kit Store The Laundry The Upper Byre Bedrooms The Games Room & Conservatory The Bushcraft Shelter The Library The Public Bathroom The Farmhouse Bedroom The Sports Hall The Dining Room The Sensory Room The Garden The Swimming Pool