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Meet the Ponies

Our horses and ponies are very special. They are chosen carefully to ensure they have the right temperament for the job, and are specially trained to safely carry and respond to riders with disabilities.

They do such an amazing job, and we at Calvert stables are dedicated to the highest standards of welfare. We achieved a 5-star rating Local Authority License in our inspection. The ponies all have an individual welfare and training plan as well as regular visits from our Equine specialist vets, dentist, saddler and chiropractor.


Born 2010

14.1hh Piebald Gelding

Frankie joined Calvert Stables in 2016, he was previously a ‘ride and drive’ pony. Frankie enjoys turning his hoof to most activities including tricks and agility. Frankie dislikes hay as he has dust allergies. Frankie loves to scratch his heels on the field gates even when we ask him not too!

His best mate is Fudge, they are often looking for trouble in the field together.

Frankie has Premium Sponsorship from
Stephen Baird in memory of a much loved horse, Chocolat.

Blu Boi

Born 2013

13.2hh Piebald Gelding

Blu joined Calvert Stables in 2021 and prior to this he was a private riding pony. Blu is kindly on loan to us from World Horse Welfare. Blu is a perfect size for our smaller riders as he is less daunting in size. What he lacks in stature he makes up for in personality.

Blu dislikes the cold, but really really likes one of our other ponies, Queenie!

Blu Boi has Premium Sponsorship from Freya Hadley and Oakmere Homes.


Born 2001

14.2hh Traditional Cob

Billy is kindly on loan to us, he has previously been used as a private ‘ride and drive’ pony, but he prefers to ride and loves his therapy work.

Billy is a friendly chap, eager to work and forward going to ride, he is a firm favourite for many of our riders.

He is mates with all the other horses on the yard.

Billy dislikes apples but loves carrots.


Billy has Premium Sponsorship from Oakemere Homes.


Born 2006

20 inch Black Miniature Shetland

Drummer joined Calvert Stables in 2023 and he is one of our non-ridden ponies. He has previously worked as a private therapy pony and this is the job he will continue to do with us.

Drummer dislikes seeing the dentist, but he really likes his best mate Tess, going for walks and visiting Reconnections to have a cuddle with the participants.



Born 2007

15.3hh Skewbald Gelding

Fudge joined Calvert Stables in 2012, he previously worked in a riding centre. Fudge is one of our more experienced horses. Don’t be fooled by his large stature, he truly is a gentle giant. Fudge is very intuitive and calm, this makes him a firm favourite for nervous riders and people participating in the wellbeing sessions. His best mate is definitely Frankie and they are often turned out together.

Fudge dislikes flies but loves cuddles and therapy work.


Born 2003

14.1hh Piebald Gelding

Max joined Calvert Stables in 2012. Previously working as a commercial driving pony, he could be seen carriage driving at weddings. Max has more than earned a steadier pace of life now here with us. Max takes part in our carriage and riding lessons. Max can often be found indulging in a pre-work nap after breakfast, which he doesn’t always rush to get up from! Max likes to smack his lips together when he is hungry!

His favourite job is Carriage Driving and he loves a good fuss from everyone.


Max has Premium Sponsorship from the
Robert Luff Foundation


Born 2011

14.1hh Piebald Mare

Queenie joined Calvert Stables in 2022. She has previously been a private ‘ride and drive’ pony. Queenie’s training was cut short due to the impending arrival of her filly foal, this was a shock and surprise to us all! Queenie is now back and raring to go. She loves Blu-Boi and Mischief.


Born 2002

20 inch Skewbald Miniature Shetland

Tess joined Calvert Stables in 2023, she arrived with Drummer and they are firm friends. Previously Tess was a private therapy pony, and this is what she will continue to do with us. Tess is one of our non-ridden ponies. Tess dislikes being apart from Drummer so she will do little practice spells of being without him. Tess loves to visit participants at our Calvert Reconnections Rehabilitation Centre.



Born 2010

15.3hh Black Mare

Flo joined Calvert Stables in 2017. She has previously worked in a trekking centre and is a very quiet and experienced riding horse. Flo’s stature means she can take some of our taller riders. Flo loves belly scratches from staff. Flo gets along well with Blu, Fudge, Billy and Mischief, and she and Billy are often turned out together.

We’re very grateful to The Lawrence Fund for their Premium Sponsorship of Flo.


Born 2001

14.1hh Piebald Gelding

Mischief joined Calvert Stables in 2007. He previously worked as a private ‘ride and drive’ pony. He compliments our team well with his calm attitude when teaching people to drive. Mischief has a quirky disposition and loves to say hello to people. Mischief loves food and going out in the field with Frankie, Flo or Queenie.

He has different allergies, the main one being hayfever, so he has to wear a nose net when working to help stop pollen going into his nose.

Mischief has Premium Sponsorship from
Friends of the Calvert Trust


Born 2014

15.3hh Skewbald Gelding

Chalky joined Calvert Stables in 2023, he had previously enjoyed a career as a private ‘ride and drive’ horse, competing at a high level.

Chalky enjoys the company of humans and he is the first to have his head over the stable door to meet visitors! Chalky loves cuddles and dislikes feeling like he is missing out.

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Local Authority Riding School licence number: LN000000075

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